About Wainamics Microfluidic Assay Integration

Wainamics Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Fremont, California. As an assay integration CRO, we design and produce consumable microfluidic cartridges customized for your assay and detection platform.
Our mission is to reduce your product development cost and time using our expertise in microfluidic assay integration, cartridge design, prototype development, and high volume manufacturing.
We deliver:
  • High quality creative microfluidic engineering solutions
  • Materials and surfaces optimized for assay compatibility that minimize non-specific binding
  • Rapid prototyping for assay and fluidic validation in parallel with design optimization
  • Design for high volume manufacturing
  • Seamless scaling from tens to millions of units

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Wainamics Services

Our Microfluidic Assay Integration Expertise

  • Consumable cartridge product development – 14+ years
  • Microfluidic device design and fabrication – 16+ years
  • Materials research and surface chemistry – 20+ years
  • Integration of electrochemical, optical, and Si sensors into consumable cartridges
  • High volume manufacturing technologies, lamination, injection molding, and compression molding.

Project Examples: