We offer unique POC assay integration services. Our broad expertise in biological samples and assays, materials science, engineering, surface chemistry, and high volume manufacturing processes will deliver the design you want with the optimum materials for your assay.
Save time and money with our A.S.A.P. product development approach.
Analyze Your Product Requirements

Assay & Fluidic Functional Needs

Material & Surface Requirements

Cost – Benefit Trade-offs

Spell-out Your Testing Protocol

Assay Protocol For Cartridge Evaluation

Material Testing Protocol

Manufacturing & Assembly Concept

Advance Your Development with Parallel Efforts

Design and Rapid Prototyping

Material & Surface Optimization

Assay Integration

Storage & Shelf-life Study

Critical Component Optimization

Manufacturing Process Optimization

Produce Your Product at Accelerated Speed

Design Optimization

Manufacturing Protocol

Integrated Testing

QA & QC Procedures

Functional Verification

Small/Large Scale Production (ISO 13485)

Protein Microarray
Fabrication Methods
NASA Cell Growth Cartridge
Choice of Materials
Whole Blood Flow on Surface Modified Cartridge
Service Packages