Service Packages

Use the typical service packages below as a guide.  Our plans include specific services and length to help you plan your project.  We can customize the plan you select with details specific to your needs.
Level 1 Service Package – you have an exact sketch but no engineering drawing
Typical project time estimate: 2-5 weeks
  • 1 to 3 consulting sessions of 1 to 2 hours each to help you finalize your design for your specific assay
  • 3-D modeling of your parts with design review
  • 20 to 100 fully assembled version 1 cartridges for testing
  • Design revision to create version 2 cartridges based on version 1 testing results
  • 20 to 100 fully assembled version 2 cartridges for assay use – more cartridges are available at an additional charge
Level 2 Service Package – you have exact assay protocols and an instrument set-up
Typical project time estimate: 2-6 months
  • 2 to 5 days of consulting sessions to define cartridge functional requirements, target cost, assay testing protocol, material testing protocol and instrument interface needs
  • 3-D modeling of initial design and design review
  • Conducting material and preliminary assay integration testing as part of your team
  • Preliminary testing report and consultation in design and material modification based on testing results
  • 20 to 100 fully assembled cartridges for your assay integration
  • Further design revision based on evaluation results
  • An additional 50 to 100 fully assembled cartridges for assay use are included – more cartridges are available at an additional charge
Level 3 Service Package – you have proof of concept research and are ready to start product development.
Typical project time estimate: 6-24 months
With our extensive experience in microfluidic cartridge design, assay integration, materials selection, surface modification methods, and high volume manufacturing partners, we reduce your project time and cost with our A.S.A.P. approach.
Phase I – Analyze your product requirements, Spell-out our joint product development plan, and identify roadblocks
  • Define product specifications including cartridge functional requirements, material and surface requirements, consumable product target cost, and storage condition and instrument interface needs
  • Separate project into stages with clearly defined milestones
  • Define assay testing and material testing protocols for evaluation of the cartridge
  • 3-D modeling of initial design and design review
  • Conduct material testing and preliminary assay evaluation in parallel to identify roadblocks for product development
  • Complete phase I prototype testing for fluidic and assay functionality evaluation
  • Provide Phase I report summarizing results and identify high priority development needs
Phase II – Advance your product development through rapid assay testing and design optimization iterations to remove roadblocks, carry out in parallel material optimization, shelf-life and storage studies
  • Create cutting edge design that addresses anticipated roadblocks to cartridge development
  • Produce and assay test prototype for optimization of critical sub-components
  • Conduct surface modification experiments to maximize bioassay performance
  • Provide phase II product design and instrument integration solutions
  • Provide phase II report including itemized list for product cost estimates for high volume manufacturing
Phase III – Produce and verify your product with assay and detection instruments
  • Conduct product verification tests to match product specifications
  • Optimize manufacturing methods to minimize consumable cartridge cost
  • Conduct real-time and accelerated shelf life studies
  • Provide cartridges to support your clinical assay testing needs
  • Continue design optimization based on user feedback
  • Finalize design for product launch
  • Provide detailed phase III reports, summarizing all experiments and results
Phase IV – Provide you all necessary assistance for manufacturing transfer and product launch
  • Conduct assay validation experiments with clinical samples
  • Set up manufacturing process and SOP with manufacturing partners
  • Provide QA/QC testing protocols
  • Establish seamless transition to manufacturing for small and large scale production
  • Provide necessary support for product release and regulatory approval activities
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