Microfluidic POC Assay Integration and Consumable Product Development


  • Rapid turn-around concept to product
  • Bioassay integration
  • Design for low cost, high volume manufacturing
  • Specialty materials including Cyclic Olefin Polymers
  • Seamless scaling from tens to millions of units
Point of Care Testing Cartridge
The Wainamics team uses our extensive expertise in microfluidic and materials science to accelerate your microfluidic POC assay integration and consumable product development schedule.
Reduce your microfluidic POC assay and consumable product development time! We are your partner for microfluidic cartridge design, assay integration, surface treatment, material compatibility and shelf-life studies.
Start your project today! Use Wainamics off-the-shelf microfluidics cartridges for your research and microfluidic POC assay and consumable product development needs.
Rapid Microfluidic POC Assay and Consumable Product Development

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